Friday, August 24, 2012

There have been A LOT of things that have happened in between my last post and this one, and now. Slowly things will be added on. As I can add them, I am very busy.

Dan and I FINALLY got married. Was one of the happiest days of our lives.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aaaahhhhh, the good old Columbia river. I took these originally to show a friend of mine in Kansas, as he and his family want to move. My favorite one would have to be, the one with the I 5 bridge.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Elgin, OR. Trip

We left on the 24th of Oct. Returned on the 28th. Not a very long trip, however it was great while it lasted. This is the beginning of the Elgin trip. A very small city. No more than about 1200 people. Dan told me that you can walk anywhere in Elgin in about 5 min. I did not believe him. So 2 days before we left I had asked him if he wanted to walk. To my surprise, he was right. We found this on our walk. An old school push mower. "Don't push me I'm retired!" (I took this with my cell phone. Others I took from the camera which is a Kodak DX6490. The ones that are taken with the cell I will be sure to post.)

LaGrande, OR

The first and second photos are of the LaGrande cityhall. I like the "oldness" of it. The way it looks all historical and such. Same with the 4th which is the train station. 3rd is the library. I wish I would have taken the camera in the library and taken pictures of the inside. VERY different and unique. Like me. HA, Anyway... the last pic, you can see in pic number 3 the corner. I stood in that corner to take pic 5. I bought a post card from the 80's in which the photographer took it from the exact location I was standing in. I took this because it not only reminds me of this really AWESOME pic that I saw in my childhood, but also because the postcard "inspired" me to take this one, and I like to compare changes in time.

The first pic, the post card. You can see why I like it... I hope. It was taken 1 year after I was born, in the early 80's. The rest of the pictures were taken the second day that Dan and I were at his parents. They were all taken right outside the trailer I was staying in. It was frosted in the morning, as I was walking across the property toward the house, when I took the second, 3rd, and 4th. 5th was taken directly outside the door of the trailer on the way back in it. Then I looked up as I was walking in and I snapped the 6th. I do like the way that the frost covered the grass that was sticking out of the puddle. The puddle its self if you look close, was a tad bit frozen. I was diggin on the way it looked.

Aahhhhhhh mama's boy. I had to take my cat Teddie with me because nobody back home could watch him. He did have fun however. I was messing around with the camera in the trailer, and took his pic as he was sniffing it. Dan and I were on the road that takes us up to Tollgate, we got up to the top and had to turn around as we had no chains and the road was covered in snow. He was nice enough to stop here and there on the way back to lemme take some pics. I really like the second one in this batch because it kinda reminded me of a time when I was in high school and all the male friends that were like brothers to me, were surrounding me one day to protect me, because this preppy ho was trying to kick my ass. That pic reminds me of that with the little bush surrounded by the tall trees. The third one I got because of all the snow, I didn't even notice the yellow tree in there till after I posted the pic.. haha. The creek... (#4) on the side of the road. I had Dan stop, opened the door and had a hard time getting this one as there was a drop. If you happen to loose control of your vehicle, this is where you'd end up... in the water. I thought that that was the coolest thing. A creek on the side of the road, and it was surrounded by snow. I have always liked pics like that.